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Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers Hearthguard

Fyreslayers Hearthguard

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The Dwarfs escaped the destruction of the Warhammer World on fragments of the planet and they have now returned to scour the mortal realms as relentless berserk warriors. The Fyreslayers are Duardin who search the realms for the shattered remnants of the God Grimnir. But what these noble fighters lack in height they sure make up for in the ferocity of their attack and the skill they wield their battle axes. Becoming mercenaries that will sell their grim services to anybody with enough ur-gold, they have a fearsome reputation and honour to uphold their oaths. They complete their hired tasks with murderous efficiency and pursue any fool that shirks their payment. They burn with spiritual fervour and channel the berserker rage unlike any other, so pray you do not get between them and their ur-gold.

Fyreslayers are born from the furnaces deep within mountain vaults, bellowing mighty war cries as they charge in to the fray swinging their deadly battle axes. They carry little in the way of armour to protect themselves, instead blessed with the power of their God magical ur-gold runes that are seared into their flesh, allowing their God's power to flow through their veins and provide them with abilities of more resilient skin and increased strength to cleave their enemies in two and shrug off wounds that would slay a normal warrior. What drives the Duardin Fyreslayers ever on is the promise of gold to be won, to fulfil their oaths by vanquishing their enemies and the chance to honour the spirit of Grimnir.

Fyreslayers Auric Hearthguard are skilled elite warriors given the sacred duty to protect the forge temples and fyreslayer lodges. Raining down a fiery hail of molten rockbolts with their deadly two handed magmapike. This provides them with a ranged attack to whittle down the advancing foe, many not slain outright are encased in cooling rock to hold them in place while they are finished off by the Heathguard close combat prowess.

Heathguard Berserkers are given the greatest of honours upholding the rules bestowed by the Lodges and carry flamestrike polearms, long handled axes that trail burning braziers at the end of a chain designed to deliver a killing blow to the target after it has been struck by the axe head. Also one miniature can also be assembled as a Karl, a unit leader ready to command the unit during battle.

This box set contains five highly detailed multi part plastic miniatures that can be made into either Fyreslayers Auric Hearthguard or Hearthguard Berserkers. Rules for these new miniatures are included in their box.