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Hocus Pocus: Magic, Mystery and the Mind - Issue #5

Hocus Pocus: Magic, Mystery and the Mind - Issue #5

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HOCUS POCUS: Magic, Mystery and the Mind -- Issue 5
Floating fakirs! Legendary lies! Menacing Mediums! And the secret to levitating your chums!

The final issue of the Eisner-Award Nominated series HOCUS POCUS has landed. This time the team is taking to the skies and uncovering what it takes to make you believe a man can fly!
  •  Discover the true secrets to the trick that has magicians stretching their heads. Watch it performed before your very eyes as we look at the mystery of The Indian Rope Trick
  • Adelaide Herrman gives us a bird's eye view of the history of levitation, from its street magic beginnings to its mastery by the father of modern magic, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, ending with today's magic superstars!
  • Speaking of magicians, legendary medium Eusapia Palladino is gonna give you a piece of her mind and tell you what she really thinks about those top-hatted show-offs! She also spills the beans on how you can perform your own levitations at home.
It's the curtain call for HOCUS POCUS... you do not want to miss it!

Written by Rik Worth
Art by Jordan Collver
Colours by Owen Watts
Richard Wiseman as creative consultant.