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Base Ready Mediterranean Soil
Base Ready Mediterranean Soil

Base Ready Mediterranean Soil

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Our Mediterranean Soil is the perfect mix to create the best Mediterranean theme going, whether that is a Greek army sieging castle walls, Warhammer tomb kings charging across a desert plain or a WW2 soldier fighting in the Mediterranean and pacific fronts Perfect for giving your miniatures that extra special base, Works Amazing as a basing material for models needing that Mediterranean Soil look, Ideal for most miniature scales, any wargaming model base, battle board or diorama

Simply glue the ground cover to your miniature base or terrain piece, and you're done! Base Ready Mediterranean Soil is also durable and colour fast, so you can be sure that your creations will look great for years to come.

Example uses:

  • Base your wargaming miniatures with Mediterranean soil to create a realistic Southern European battlefield scene.
  • Add Mediterranean soil to your diorama to create a Mediterranean village or landscape.
  • Use Mediterranean soil to create realistic terrain features for your wargames, such as dry riverbeds, rocky hillsides, and dusty roads.
  • Add a touch of the Mediterranean to any hobby project with Base Ready Mediterranean Soil.

Additionally, Base Ready Mediterranean Soil can be used to create a variety of other effects, such as:

  • Desert terrain
  • Arid landscapes
  • Cracked earth
  • Dry mud
  • Sandstone cliffs
  • Sandy beaches

With Base Ready Mediterranean Soil, the possibilities are endless!

Weight 200g / Volume 120ml