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Bloodlust and Bonnets

Bloodlust and Bonnets

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Georgette Heyer meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this smart, funny graphic novel by Emily McGovern, the award-winning author of My Life as a Background Slytherin.

The year is 1820, and bored young debutante Lucy knows there must be more to life than embroidery and engagements - no matter how eligible the bachelor might be. Some bachelors, she has discovered, are less 'eligible' than they are 'bloodthirsty,' however... literally. It turns out that there are a lot of vampires in late-Regency England, and Lucy has an eye for spotting them and the desire to rid the world of them.

It's not long before Lucy -- soon joined by the mysterious Sham, the blowhard Lord Byron (yes, from books), and Napoleon, Lord Byron's majestic psychic eagle -- is on the adventure of a lifetime. From ballrooms to bloodshed, from bonnets to bloodlust... Lucy will fight evil, be tempted by evil, fight again, be tempted again, and fight some more.

A balm for the soul for readers who love Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, novels by Eloisa James and Jane Austen, and the action and adventure of Xena, Warrior Princess, Bloodlust & Bonnets is the most modern action-heavy love-story set two hundred years ago that you'll read this year. 

***Readers Love Bloodlust & Bonnets***

'If you like to make fun of Lord Byron (which I do), engage in some literary vampire-slaying (same), poignantly reflect on how very much we all want to be special (oh, shut up), hear some witty dialogue, and see some good Regency Lesbian Flirting then you’ll enjoy this. My only complaint is that I cannot access a sequel RIGHT NOW' -Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

'If you love historical satire, if you love farce, if you love slightly silly graphic novels, you’ll love this' -Nerds Like Me

The setting, the characters and the adventure they go on all create this tapestry of bloodshed and romance. If you know about your Jane Austen’s and Charlotte Bronte’s but enjoy a splash of comical humour and a dollop of pure fantastical adventure, then you’ll eat this up. It’s a bleedin’ hoot' -Nerdly

'Bloodlust and Bonnets 
will delight Jane Austen fans with a sense of humour and anyone who likes their gags with a touch of the supernatural-Starburst Magazine