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Break the Cube
Break the Cube

Break the Cube

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What the cube!?

Use your memory and deduction skills in this tense race against your opponents to recreate the shape of their hidden blocks! In this sequel of sorts to Break the Code, you will need an eye for detail and clever deduction skill to win.

Ask clever questions, deduce the shape and win.

What’s in the box?

  • Four screens
  • 24 wooden blocks
  • Eight foundation tiles
  • One pad of note sheets
  • One rulebook

 How to play

 Each plyer takes a screen and a foundation tile, two blocks of the same colour of each size and creates a shape with the blocks on the tile.

The game plays in a series of turns. The game ends when someone correctly guesses the shape of the player to their left.

On your turn, ask one of three questions A ,B or C to the player on your left. The questions are as follows

  1. What do you see at (number)? Your opponent must answer honestly with the colour that is visible at the coordinate
  2. What do you see at (letter)? ALL PLAYERS must answer with any colours visible from this letter from bottom level (1) to top level (3). – Be careful with this question, ask it to receive information, without revealing your own shape.
  3. Does the shape I’ve built perfectly match your secret shape? Your opponent must answer yes or no, nothing else. This question can be used to end the game.

Any players who successfully recreated their opponents shape, win the game.


Break the Cube has further modes of play to vary the game each time you play.

No of players: 2-4