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There are quiz games, and then there are QUIZ GAMES. CONFIDENT? is making trivia fun again with its unique gameplay that gives everyone a chance. Families and friends across the nation have fallen in love with its quirky questions, dramatic reveals and cheeky answer swaps. From teenagers to grandparents, its multi-generational appeal makes it a must-have for parties, game nights and get-togethers. It only takes two minutes to learn, you can play as individuals or teams, and everyone plays every question, so no one gets bored.

CONFIDENT? is different because instead of answering questions with one answer, you give a range. The aim is to get the answer in your range, while also getting the smallest range compared to the other players. So, you don’t need to be a trivia buff to win, you’ll just need to balance being correct and being confident: GO small OR GO HOME! Use your special powers once per game to COPY a friend’s answer, cause some havoc with a SWAP or go for DOUBLE points if you’re feeling bold. Feeling CONFIDENT?
Questions cover a huge variety of captivating topics, so you’ll want to play again and again
Every question comes with extra tidbits to wow you or make you giggle
Comes with reusable whiteboards and dry-wipe pens, so no throwing away paper
Travel-friendly size so you can take it everywhere


*Prices in store may vary

*Prices in store may vary