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Dwellings of Eldervale 2nd Edition

Dwellings of Eldervale 2nd Edition

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Dwellings of Eldervale is an epic worker placement game set in a once lost magical world. Giant elemental monsters roam while dragons, wizards and warriors battle for dominance over 8 elemental realms. Players control unique factions seeking to adventure, battle, grow in power and ultimately dwell Eldervale, shaping it to their vision.

Dwellings of Eldervale blends worker placement, area control, engine building and unique worker units. Players take turns placing a worker in Eldervale or regrouping and activating their tableau of adventure cards. Action spaces include realms key to power: a summoning portal, an ancient mill, the lost fortress, deep dungeons, and a crumbling mage tower and the elemental lands of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Order and Chaos! Magic cards grant spells, quests and prophecies to players.

In the end, the players with the most elemental dominance among the multiple paths to victory will reign over Eldervale.

Second Edition represents a reorganization of components that came in the initial (Kickstarter) printing. All available components are being split into discrete, unique sets of components that have no overlap or duplication. Deluxe and Legendary components are now separate sets of components available in upgrade kits.

Standard is the only order item in second edition that will contain the base game components - including the main game box. This Standard game box is the same size as the three first (Kickstarter) editions (Standard, Deluxe, & Legendary) - with room for all first/second edition content/components.

Component Changes from first to second Standard editions
-- Removed
The (hidden) Shapeshifter miniature and standee are not included, nor is the Oracle tile. They will both be available separately.
-- Added
The Mother of Dragons miniature (originally in Deluxe), the Frost Giant (miniature, standee, game card - originally in Legendary), and Bifrost Bridge tile (originally in Legendary) have been added to this Standard (base game) version!

Dwellings of Eldervale - English second Standard edition includes:
- 8 Dual-sided Player Mats/Faction Boards in Custom Gametrayz
- 6 Dungeon, Resource, Hex, Core Gametrayz
- 72 Custom Meeples, 8 Player Colors
- 48 Custom Meeple Dwellings, 8 Player Colors
- 48 Wooden Score Markers, 8 Player Colors
- 53 Marbled D6 Dice, 8 Player (+1 Monster) Colors
- 1 Elemental Scoreboard and Underworld
- 32 Unique Elemental and Ruin Hex Tiles
- 24 Ghosts of Eldervale Solo Mode Cards
- 1 Ghosts of Eldervale Playmat & Watcher Meeple
- 60 Magic Cards
- 104 Adventure Cards, with Unique Fantasy Art
- 8 Starter Player Faction Cards
- 10 Monster Cards, Custom Art/Abilities
- 10 Monster Standees & 12 Plastic Stands
- 1 Mother of Dragons miniature
- 1 Frost Giant miniature
- 9 Glass Bead “Orbs”
- 120 Cardboard Resources
- 10 Cardboard Tactics & Trove Tokens
- 5 Player Reference Aides, Appendix Booklet

Players: 1-5