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Everway Book 1: Players: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

Everway Book 1: Players: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

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Mythic Adventures

You play as fantasy heroes of myths and legends. Discover your hero’s story from rich vision images and collaborative questions.  Create your own fantastic powers and magic.

Gateway to a Thousand Worlds

Explore many cultures and realms as you quest across a thousand spheres connected by mystic gates. At the crossroads of these spheres lies the ancient city of Everway.

Powered by the Fortune Deck

EVERWAY is a diceless game where actions in the game are resolved by Karma, Drama, and Fortune. A method of drawing the unique tarot-like cards is included in this book.

About Silver Anniversary Edition

The twenty-fifth anniversary edition has a new mix of more than 150 vision images, an easy to read layout, an expanded setting, new rules options and improvements, over 100 new creatures, new maps, and three new quests. It is divided between Book 1: Players and Book 2: Gamemasters.