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Everway Book 2: Gamesmasters: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

Everway Book 2: Gamesmasters: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

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It has been twenty-five years since the first release of the Everway diceless roleplaying game designed by Jonathan Tweet (D&D 3rd Edition, Over the Edge). The time is right for it to return in this stunning new format for its Silver Anniversary.

Everway is a diceless game where actions in the game are resolved by Karma, Drama, and Fortune.

Packed with full-colour art, setting and quest maps, more than 100 new creatures, four quests, and new rules options, the Silver Anniversary Edition is the definitive edition of this indie classic.

With Everway you can:

Create mythic, larger-than-life heroes by telling a story based on artwork and assign stats, powers, and magic to fit your story.

Use the more than 200 included pieces of art or provide your own to create your heroes, realms, and quests.

Select a card drawn from the tarot-like Fortune Deck to moderate game play and to help define your heroes or background characters.

Explore the multiverse setting, where thousands of worlds called spheres are connected by mystic gates that the heroes can travel between.

Tell stories that are highly multicultural, epic in scope, and deeply connected to the symbolism, magic, fortune, and deities found everywhere among the spheres.