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Glorantha The Gods War Empires

Glorantha The Gods War Empires

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An expansion to Glorantha: The Gods' War containing 44 High Quality Figures divided in 4 new factions.

  • Earth: 4x Axe Maidens, 7x Earth Queens, The Behemoth and The Titans, Pamalt & Genert.
  • Invisible God: 4x Knights, 4x Wizards and 4x Specters.
  • Sea: 4x Mermaids, 3x Sea Serpents, The Kraken and The Churner, Magasta.
  • Moon: 4x Assassins, 3x Selenes, The Crimson Bat and The Red Goddess, Sedenya.

Each faction comes with their Empire sheet, Ziggurat tile, Temples tile, 6 Shrine tile, 6 Gift tiles. The invisible God faction having different buildings and more gifts.

An oversized 6-8 Players Map to host up to 8 players at once.