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HeroQuest Return of the Witch Lord Quest Pack

HeroQuest Return of the Witch Lord Quest Pack

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The Witch Lord lives! His foul sorcery has protected him from the power of the Spirit Blade. You must move fast if you are to stop him from raising a legion of undead.

Miniature Contents:
  • 8 skeletons.
  • 4 zombies.
  • 4 mummies.
  • 1 iron door.
  • 1 reinforced door.
Cardboard Tiles:
  • 1 revolving room tile
  • 1 throne room tile
  • 4 coffin tiles
  • 6 blocked squares tiles
  • 2 pit trap tiles
  • 4 secret door tiles
  • 1 death mist tile

Not a complete game - base game of HeroQuest is required to play.