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Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle


Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle

The Classic Game of Conspiracy and Conquest!

All the Illuminati goodies you really really want, all neatly packaged in this attractive heavy-duty box. The Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle contains the following reproductions of the original releases from the eighties: Illuminati, Illuminati Expansion Set 1, Illuminati Expansion Set 2, and Illuminati Expansion Set 3. We've thrown in an extra Pocket Box for good measure, along with two Illuminati pocket folders!

  • The Pocket Box games are all reproductions of the original releases from the eighties!
  • The Pocket folders have original Illuminati art by David Martin (1981 and 1982).
  • The classic game of conspiracy and world conquest . . .
  • Expanded to include membership in the Bavarian Illuminati, and . . .
  • Introducing The Orbital Mind Control Lasers, and . . .
  • Use Brainwashing and Propaganda. The whole world is your plaything!
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    *Prices in store may vary