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Kuroko's Basketball 2-In-1 Volume 13


Kuroko's Basketball 2-In-1 Volume 13 (25,26)

Seirin High’s greatest basketball superstar was the one no one literally saw coming—the invisible Kuroko!

Tetsuya Kuroko doesn’t stand out much. In fact, he’s so plain that people hardly ever notice when he’s around. Though he’s just as unremarkable on the basketball court, that’s where his plainness gives him an unexpected edge—one that lets him execute awesome moves without others noticing!

In a flashback to the past, the Miracle Generation members realize their true talents as second-years in middle school. However, their newfound power causes a rift between them and everyone else. Meanwhile, a confrontation with Murasakibara ends up awakening Akashi's true potential—an incident that only hastens the end of the Teiko Middle School Basketball Club…

Shonen Jump series that became an international sensation.

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*Prices in store may vary