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Last Aurora Project Athena Expansion

Last Aurora Project Athena Expansion

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Project Athena introduces new cards and game mechanics, including: A new type of Survivor: Androids. A new Enemy: Automatic Turrets. An amazing new resource: Nuclear Batteries, which can be used to activate the unique powers of new Convoy cards. The Alert mechanic, which tracks how much attention each player has attracted from Athena and her drones, affecting many aspects of the game!



  • 1 Road Board
  • 20 Exploration Cards
  • 2 Object Cards
  • 6 Enemy Cards
  • 6 Loot Cards
  • 3 Alert Scan Cards
  • 4 Alert Counters
  • 5 Automatic Turret Counters
  • 10 Nuclear Battery Counter

    This is an expansion - the main game of Project Aurora is required to play this game.