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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition: Monstrous Menagerie

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition: Monstrous Menagerie

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Monsters both fiendish and friendly

The 530-page Monstrous Menagerie provides nearly 600 monsters, variants, monster templates, and hordes for your Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition game. Populate your game world with classic monsters ranging from the lowly stirge to the terrifying tarrasque, along with new horrors like the khalkos and the phase monster. Challenge even the mightiest adventurers with elite monsters like great wyrm dragons and the Medusa Queen. Use simple templates to create new monsters like zombie sea serpents and merfolk alchemists. Overwhelm opposition with stat blocks representing hordes of guards, skeletons, or demons.

Old favorites, updated!

This book takes the core 5E monster book and revises every monster with new math, more actions, new variants, and greater depth. Even seasoned players will be surprised by their foes' new tricks!

Along with each monster’s game statistics, you’ll find monster behavior and adventure hooks, treasure, monster names, and more. Robust new math from Paul Hughes ensures that every monster is worthy of its Challenge Rating. Useful tables and tools for each entry help you run a complete monster encounter.

Plus new monsters!

In addition, the Monstrous Menagerie contains gem and essence dragons, great wyrms, the all-new khalkoi, and more! Over 70 dragon statblocks alone!

Essential tools!

The Monstrous Menagerie also includes robust rules for designing challenging encounters and even building new monsters from scratch.