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Monty Python Fluxx

Monty Python Fluxx

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Monty Python Fluxx, from Looney Labs, is based on the popular Fluxx card game. This is a rapidly changing card game where not only the goals of the game change, but so do the rules. When you start each player draws one card and plays one card, that is it! But the cards you can play can radically alter the game, making players draw and play more cards, limit the number of cards in players hands and even change what you must do in order to claim victory.

Will you need to collect Robin's minstrels and two knights to win by Much Rejoicing? Or maybe you have a plan with Sir Bedivere and the Trojan Rabbit? Each game will be different, and will end in one of many goal orientated victories.

Throughout a game of Monty Python Fluxx you will collect iconic Monty Python keepers, like the Shrubbery, the coconuts or even an airborne cow!

Beware, some of the cards will stop you from winning, the ever-present creeper cards! If the Knights who say Ni descend on you, you might never see victory, or if the Killer Rabbit attacks you might not even survive to the end of the game, remember you cannot win with Creepers, unless you look on the bright side of life, a rule that can be played that lets people win with creepers!

Of course, all the crazy rules might get too much, so you can play the 'This Game has Become to Silly' action card to remove all those pesky rules and get back to draw one play one.

So, warm up your coconuts to gallop around the Fluxx table and get ready for something completely different. Remember, no one expects the Spanish inquisition unless that is your route to victory! Welcome to Monty Python Fluxx from Looney Lab Games!