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Chicago, 1932. You are a prohibition gangster. The untouchables are about to raid your smuggling warehouse.

Don’t get caught handling illegal alcohol and try to get rid of as many banned bottles as possible before your opponent’s get rid of theirs!

What’s in the box?

  • 40 bottle cards
  • 20 character cards
  • Four Famous Gangster cards

How to play:

On your turn, you draw a card, then you choose to either:

  • Replace one of your cards with the card you just picked, but without looking at the card from your hand.
  • Or put the card you just drew directly on the discard pile, face up (this is only when you draw from the draw pile, not the discard pile).

When a player discards a bottle card, all the players can get rid of an identical card by revealing it and discarding it. When the active player discards a character card, the power of the card is activated. The powers are described on the cards.

When you think your stock is 7 or lower, including points from character cards, you can call Omerta. The game ends immediately. Everyone reveals their hands and counts their scores.

If no one calls Omerta, the game ends after a certain number of rounds: you play as many rounds as players around the table. Lowest score wins!


Omerta is a classic card game revisited in the best way possible with an original theme.