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Room 25 Ultimate

Room 25 Ultimate

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2 Game Modes:

  • Suspicion: Escape through "Room 25" before the end of the countdown! Most of you are prisoners but some of you are guards who will do everything to block your way out.
  • Cooperation: All players have the same goal: find "Room 25" and Escape! No guards, but you'll need to outsmart the Move Alone Complex (M.A.C.). Plan carefully, coordinate and survive all the traps

2 Levels of Experience

  • Basic: Learn to master your four basic actions, plus one adrenaline rush. Make the most of every round! Run, survive and escape!
  • Ultimate: For an outstanding and sensational gaming experience! Use your unique special abilities to get out of new and even more dangerous rooms.

This Ultimate version of the game combines the basic game with the first expansion plus improved rules.

No of players: 1-8