Santorini UK Edition – Travelling Man UK
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Santorini UK Edition

Build like a mortal, win like a God in the game of Santorini. The objective is simple: Be the first player to build, block, and climb your way to the top of a building three stories high. Sounds easy? Not so fast! Santorini requires tactical manoeuvring and increases in difficulty with the addition of extra powers via “god” cards. With thousands of possibilities and unlimited replay value, each round of Santorini is exciting and new!

Unfold the beautiful game board and challenge your friends and family to construct gorgeous buildings! Both kids and adults can play this game that tests the bounds of mortal intelligence. Join the pantheon of winners in the game of Santorini! Learn it in 30 seconds. Play it for life. Simple for kids, but deep for gamers. The God Power Cards change how you play for a different experience every game. Includes detail, 3-D island platform, builds and workers.


*Prices in store may vary

*Prices in store may vary