Star Crossed Volume 1 – Travelling Man UK
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Star Crossed Volume 1


Star Crossed Volume 1

From the creator of the hit manga and anime Kiss Him, Not Me! comes another
off-the-wall, geeky shojo comedy!

A series of mix-ups leads to God misplacing the souls of a girl and the handsome idol singer she adores-in each other's bodies! And they can switch back and forth by...kissing?!

Azusa lives for only one man: Chika-kun, the cutest and most popular star in the idol
group Prince 4 U. She goes to the shows. She watches the interviews. She ropes in her
long-suffering best friend and makes him stand in line at dawn to buy the latest
exclusive merch.

But one concert changes her life, when she accidentally dies trying (and failing) to save his life! It turns out it was all a mix-up, and God agrees to return the two of them to Earth...but fate's mistakes don't end there, as they each wake up in the other's body!

To make matters even weirder, they discover they can switch back and forth by kissing! What on Earth does heaven have in store for them?


*Prices in store may vary

*Prices in store may vary