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The Devil Is a Part-Timer!  light novel Volume 18

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! light novel Volume 18

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Do you want fries with your hellfire?

With a new manager joining the Devil King's MgRonald location, which has been hit by high turnover in the new business year, Chiho decides it's time for her to leave, as well, so she can focus on upcoming college exams. As if all that wasn't enough, the Devil King's keeping a new pet-the lizardlike demon Kinanna-which is a clear violation of apartment rules. It isn't long before the landlord finds out how badly this unexpected freeloader has trashed the place, and while she opts not to evict them, the repair bill she sends makes Maou's eyes water! Meanwhile, Ashiya and Suzuno are rushing to every corner of Ente Isla, ensuring all five of its continents are on the same page regarding the angels and the threat they pose. The Devil King wants humans and demons to learn how to live together-but can he figure out how to make that happen while simultaneously dealing with a killer staff shortage at MgRonald?!