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Triumvene RPG

Triumvene RPG

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No-one has heard from the three Gods, the Triumvene, in over a million years.

One has returned.

The others will follow.

Triumvene offers a new take on tabletop roleplaying games. It's been built to help you run mostly non-combat narrative stories, with character art by concept artist Chey Fergus and design, story and supplemental art by GM and games designer Peter Watson-Wailes.

Set in a world undergoing an industrial revolution, the peoples of Midplane have all the issues the real world has. However, they have the added complexities of a broken, low-magic world to contend with too.

Triumvene is a game in which players, through their characters, explore a world undergoing an explosion of technology and industry. Ancient cultures and modern challenges collide, creating strife and upheaval, along with new opportunities for those who'll take them. 

And that's before the real problems begin when the mythical Golden Ones of old reappear.

And then the Gods people thought were merely myths start to return...